Onlinetest : New volunteer

From now on, officially since tomorrow, I I am not alone anymore. Yes I’ve got company to developping onlinetest project. Right now my friend Iman Hermawan, join to this project as web developer and make commitment to make online test more powerfull and more useable for us.

Like me, He is an otodidak learner in IT, with bright mind dan full fill with talent and idea. For two year i maintain this project with limited resource, his willing to join in this open source project is just in time.

As we know, apreciation IT’rs to school very poor. It make sense because financial resource in school especially in Indonesia is unpromising. Is Different situation with their brother in academics levels or corporate. There are a big ocean with big fish.

That’s why I decided to build this project for school purpose. And rejected some offer to reconfiguring or adapted to academic. I think there has been a lots of programmer ingage with them.

But as GPL project, it’s opened to everyone take this application and modifying to any purpose, of course as long as in GPL way.

In the future, I hope there are another volunteer to join with us, cause we still need people to make this application rich. Like Exam creator, Documentation, and others need.

I am sorry if this application still in single language (Indonesia), because I doubted exhamination system in other cauntry similiar with ours. But translating program in diferent language is part of our longtern planning. So be pation. 😀

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