Computer general: Chit-chat about Open Source

In couple week ago, I made a conversation with some people in the IRC channel, one of the intersting conversation with some people that use texxon as a nick name.

Honnestly, it make my eyes open and realize that in every country have a common problem like to make understand how much important technology for their live and how hard to bring them to propper apresiation about IT.

This I Copas from our part of our conversation. Mostly we talk about open source :

<TeXXoN> hi wirawan
<wirawan> hi 2 TeXXon
<wirawan> i am very newbie with linux
<TeXXoN> k 😀
<TeXXoN> welcome 😀
<wirawan> thx, what’s u’r specialist?
<TeXXoN> erm…i am a webprogrammer an also doing dtp stuff…i think i got a good base knowledge
<TeXXoN> and i have some good knowlegde bases to solve problems i havent yet
<wirawan> lucky u,.. i am a teacher, n also been learn about php mysql.
<wirawan> what’s dtp mind?
<TeXXoN> desktop publishing
<TeXXoN> means doing random stuff to print
<TeXXoN> like flyers, business cards, advertising newspaper, etc.
<TeXXoN> php and mysql is one of my specials 😀
<wirawan> i c, well i guess we have same interest, a ever been graphics designer in local news paper 🙂
<TeXXoN> hehe
<TeXXoN> nice
<wirawan> i hope we can knowledge share.
<TeXXoN> np
<TeXXoN> the most valueable thing a human being can share is knowledge
<TeXXoN> its the only thing which gets more and more if it is shared
<TeXXoN> 😀
<wirawan> do u have some web u’d created?
<TeXXoN> but the world goes arround money instead of knowledge
<TeXXoN> crazy world
<TeXXoN> japp…
<wirawan> i am totally agree with that 😦
<wirawan> not everything can compare with money
<TeXXoN> idealism makes the world going forward, money makes it only going 😀
<wirawan> watch my students grow n very ingage with technology progress 4 example
<TeXXoN> 🙂
<TeXXoN> our school system here is totally in a dead end….germany…
<wirawan> i think that the reason 2 us used GPL software
<TeXXoN> i hope the one-laptop-per-child-project will spend some new impulses to it
<wirawan> german right, i hear d education system there good
<TeXXoN> maybe better than others
<TeXXoN> but it has to be totally renewed
<TeXXoN> 16 states we got here and 16 different teaching plans
<TeXXoN> a stupid reformation of our language
<wirawan> oh yea?,
<TeXXoN> bad results on p.i.s.a
<TeXXoN> computers are rare and bad positioned in the teaching progress and so on…
<TeXXoN> i hate it
<TeXXoN> many do
<TeXXoN> learning should be fun….
<TeXXoN> motivation should be fun to learn
<TeXXoN> not the pressure of the society to earn money
<TeXXoN> so youll never be free
<TeXXoN> i call it a kind of slavery, maybe a hard word, but in the end……
<wirawan> in my country (indonesia), IT allmost do not touch basic untill high shool 😦
<TeXXoN> here it isnt really better….
<TeXXoN> rich society, poor country
<TeXXoN> 😀
<wirawan> IT’ers most like to take care company and university
<TeXXoN> indonesia? yeah….internet is amazing 😉
<TeXXoN> IT wants to simplify working and learn processes
<TeXXoN> old people often get scared of it 😉
<wirawan> Technopobhia, my sister told me about it when she studies in german
<TeXXoN> hehe
<TeXXoN> yeah
<TeXXoN> ok, maybe my comments on our school systems are to hard, but
<wirawan> it’s surprise us, in the country that knowing as central of technology
<TeXXoN> i think we could do it so much better 😉
<TeXXoN> our generations before us gave so much knowledge and wisdom….
<TeXXoN> much of it seems to be frozen
<TeXXoN> many young people only want money, look like poeople on magazine covers….
<TeXXoN> the ones wich dont want that have only a small voice….
<wirawan> yeah, i think internet effect can change it
<TeXXoN> because these ones no one asks what they like and what should get better
<TeXXoN> i hope….
<TeXXoN> we are not on the first place here in europe using the internet
<TeXXoN> yeah…coffee is getting done :DDDD
<TeXXoN> ok….to be positive…i think the progress takes only longer as i want to wait 😀
<TeXXoN> so there is hope ;o)
<TeXXoN> good things take time…..thats it
<wirawan> always, people like us maybe not have enough passion
<TeXXoN> 😀
<wirawan> a mind patien
<TeXXoN> i hated school as it was….so i think thats the root of my angriness
<TeXXoN> so what subjects are you teaching and to what ages?
<wirawan> IT, it’s just 2 year make include with our curriculum
<wirawan> i teach in middle school, between 12 – 15 years old
<wirawan> we just migrate 2 linux, and they like it 🙂
<TeXXoN> YEAH!!!!!! :DDDD
<TeXXoN> 12-15…..puberty….hard age :o)
<wirawan> yeah, so many problem we face to introduce the use of IT
<TeXXoN> it is a whole new world…..where to start is hard
<wirawan> educator practition mostly afraid about negative affect IT
<wirawan> n there so much isues support they opinion 😦
<wirawan> some time i feel fight alone
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<TeXXoN> yeah…..if you dont control it, it would be like a bunch of paper to write on and have comics every second page
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<TeXXoN> i think you should extract the pro and cons of it
<TeXXoN> be realistic….trust in the pros
<TeXXoN> getting information, talking to foreign people ( :o) ), construct stuff with different programs – means creativity on a hole new level…………
<wirawan> right, i think it’s the consec 2 b the begenning in the pros
<TeXXoN> hows about computers at home? how many students have that?
<wirawan> 1 of 20 or 30 people i guest
<wirawan> mostly the learn computer only in they school
<wirawan> n we have limited pc to use
<wirawan> can u believe my school only have 15 pc’s P1 with one server in our lab.
<TeXXoN> hu
<TeXXoN> thats bad
<TeXXoN> so maybe one laptop per child would be a solution for your country too 😀
<wirawan> in here OLPC only kind a news to read an dream
<TeXXoN> i think time will come
<wirawan> 150 $ still 2 expansive
<TeXXoN> it is an open source project…idealism is its fuel 😉
<TeXXoN> one idea is to buy 2 here and so spend one of it
<TeXXoN> 😀
<wirawan> yes, i used K12LTSP software to build thin client
<TeXXoN> cool
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<TeXXoN> you dont need much to do much 😉
<TeXXoN> edubuntu?
<wirawan> it’s very good solution here, n in my city there r about 4 school implemented it
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<wirawan> edubuntu required p2 4 client in my experiment
<TeXXoN> k
<wirawan> LTSP 5 need much higher client that we do not have
<TeXXoN> :/
<wirawan> but i used it in my home
<wirawan> ok, excuse me i have to go now.
<TeXXoN> np
<TeXXoN> have a nice….evening?! ;o)
<TeXXoN> we read us!

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